“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

- Albert Einstein




“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning…Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”

– Benjamin Franklin.

We all have our dreams and a yearning to succeed in our very own definition of success. Identifying and recognizing that dream and vision of success may take time in self-awareness and discovery. Upon that discovery however, changing ourselves to that ideal is never easy.


That is why it is helpful to know what you are good at and with that knowledge, to work at it to name it, to know it and to claim it. The best way for us to grow and develop is to identify how we most naturally think, feel, and behave — our talents — then build on those talents to create strengths, or the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance.


We provide personal and team-based coaching services through an array of Tools at our disposal (Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0, Psychometric Assessments, Feedback Modules) to help you productively achieve performance outcomes. This will enable you  to develop resonant leadership with emotional and social intelligence capabilities. This will enable you to create climates where you can implement strategy and achieve shared goals.



We exist in an ever-changing business environment where today’s challenges creates a new wave of HR, Talent and Organisational priorities.


We specialise in Human Resources Management with our professionals hailing from both operational and consulting background. We understand you and your talent needs. We leverage on experiential research, analytics and industry insights to help design, develop, formulate and implement programmes from a business driven HR perspective.


We are committed to walk side by side with you our customers, from the very first moment of requirement gathering, through the formulation and development of solutions as well as the providing of support and hand-holding in the implementation of the solution. We will work very closely with you, learning to detect your needs and adapt to your requirements to contribute to the increase of productivity and the development of human capital.

We partner you in the following areas:

  1. Talent Development Strategy (Competency, Gaps Analysis, Assessment Centres, Development Roadmap)
  2. Human Resource Strategy (HR Policies & Procedures)
  3. Labor Legislation


1. High and Mid-level management programs

  • Communication techniques for managers (3 days)
  • Conflict management using Transactional Analysis (3 days)
  • Creating a vision and mission statement (2days)
  • Enhancing leadership skills using personality preferences (2 days)
  • From manager to coaching leader (3 days)
  • Group coaching for team development (3 days)
  • How to be the emotional intelligent leader? (2 x 2 days)
  • Driving results with the right EQ (2 days)
  • Managing across generations (2 days)
  • Stepping up your leadership skills (2 days)
  • The 21st century leaders in action (2 Days)
  • 6 habits of true strategic thinkers (2 days), extracted from Paul J H Schoemaker

2. Self development programs

  • Persuasive Presentation skills (2 Days)
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses through MBTI (1 day)
  • Competency based interview skills (2 days)
  • Critical habits of an effective executive (2 days)
  • Mind mapping technique as an edge to improve performance (2 days)
  • Mindset change for personal mastery (2 days)
  • Problem solving and decision making with confidence (2 days)
  • Up your facilitating skills (2 days)


3. Team Alignment programs

Our programs are designed and customized to your ideas and we do this by: 

  1. Making the whole event relevant to your need.
  2. Providing high quality and real exercises with professional support.
  3. Making sure that the learning can be transferred back to the work place.
  4. Providing a safe learning environment away from the work place.

Experiential Learning Programs for Team Alignment are designed for various levels in any organisation. The focus is on training that involves the whole person and applies the learning in all aspects of being. The activities are unknown and unfamiliar to the participants. They involve simulations and outdoor challenges, which create crises and chaos, similar to work. The team must project their decision-making process and group intelligence onto the experience for the team to be successful. This ‘field practice’ allows learning to take place in a setting where cause and effect are closely linked in time. Knowledge is generated to improve teamwork, communication, and collaborative problem solving.

  1. Be able to gain knowledge and principles of teamwork 
  2. Develop a level of openness that will foster and increase mutual trust and confidence, improve their
  3. inter-personal relation to create team cohesiveness, and create sense of ownership 
  4. Experience working in a challenging stimulated team activity achieving synergistic results 
  5. Be convinced to commit to the excellent operating principles that they bench mark by themselves, apply and diagnose their current practices with the view to change

4. Enhancing business drivers

  • Change management (2 days)
  • Customer service in perspective (2 days)
  • Instilling the high performance work culture (2 days)
  • Mastering the critical skills of collections (2 days)
  • Winning negotiation skills (2 days)

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